Sustainable gold

Gold has a magnificent asset: it is eternal, it can be recycled indefinitely!

AUPIHO only uses traceable and 18k recycled gold. Our refiners are CoC certified (Chain Of Custody, which guarantees a responsible traceability chain with a defined origin) and the gold is melted in France. Our craftsmen and refiners are all RJC certified.

This choice appears as “a solution” when we realize that 3/4 of the planet’s gold reserves are already in circulation (estimate from the World Gold Council and according to the US Geological Survey) and that gold mining has a significant impact on the environment.

To extract 1 gram of gold, on average, produces: 2 tons of mining waste, 2000 liters of water, 25 kg of CO2, not to mention the use of mercury and cyanide.

Choosing recycled gold is for us a way to contribute to environmental respect, to reduce the negative effects of gold extraction, and to ensure adherence to ethical values.

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