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Last Update: May 2021

During your navigation on our website, at (the ‘Site’), browsing data may be collected, if necessary with your prior consent, from cookies deposited on our Site. Throughout their lifespan, these cookies will enhance your experience with our brand. The purpose of this section is to provide you with clear information about the origin and use of cookies that are placed on your device (desktop computer or mobile, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our Site and to guide you on how to adjust their settings or object to their use.

  1. What is a cookie?

A cookie (or connection token) is a small text file that, during its validity period and only if the user consents, can be stored on a user’s hard drive by a website. Its purpose is to identify and recognize your device during your subsequent visits, collect data about the user’s browsing habits, and thereby enhance their navigation experience. The placement of cookies allows only the issuer of the cookie to identify a device, not its user directly. Only the issuer of a cookie can read or modify the information it contains.

There are different types of cookies :
–  Session cookies that disappear as soon as you leave the site;
–  Persistent cookies that remain on your device until their lifespan expires or until you delete them using your browser’s functionalities.

You are informed that, during your visits to this site, cookies may be installed on your terminal equipment.

  1. What are the Cookies used for on the AUPIHO Site?

While browsing the Site, information regarding your navigation may be stored in files known as ‘Cookies’ that are installed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). These cookies are issued by AUPIHO with the purpose of ensuring a smooth and optimal browsing experience on the Site. They enable the recognition of your browser when you are connected to the Site. These cookies are issued to:
– Generate statistics on site traffic (number of visits, pages viewed, preferences, etc.)
– Adapt the Site’s presentation to display preferences of the devices
– Remember information entered in forms, manage and secure your customer account, and handle the shopping cart.

  1. Configuring Your Cookie Preferences

You can accept or decline the placement of cookies at any time.

During your first visit to the AUPIHO website:, a banner briefly displaying information about the placement of cookies and similar technologies will appear on your screen. This banner informs you that by continuing to navigate on the AUPIHO website (loading a new page or clicking on various elements of the site, for example), you agree to the placement of cookies on your device. You are also deemed to have given your consent to the placement of cookies by clicking the ‘Ok’ button on the banner displayed on your screen.

Depending on the type of cookie involved, your consent for the placement and reading of cookies on your device may be mandatory.

a. Cookies exempt from consent

In accordance with the recommendations of the National Commission on Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), some cookies are exempt from the requirement to obtain your prior consent to the extent that they are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website or solely serve the purpose of facilitating electronic communication. These notably include session identifier cookies, authentication cookies, load balancing session cookies, as well as interface customization cookies. These cookies are fully subject to this policy insofar as they are issued and managed by AUPIHO.

b. Cookies requiring your prior consent

This concerns cookies issued by third parties and categorized as ‘persistent’ since they remain on your device until deleted or their expiration date.

As these cookies are issued by third parties, their use and placement are subject to their own privacy policies, links to which you can find below. This category of cookies includes audience measurement cookies, advertising cookies (which AUPIHO does not use), as well as social media sharing cookies (including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Audience measurement cookies generate statistics about the use and frequency of various elements on the AUPIHO website (such as the content/pages you have visited). This data contributes to the improvement of the ergonomics of the AUPIHO website. Several measurement tools are used on this website:

Google Analytics, whose privacy policy is available via the following link:

Social media sharing cookies are issued and managed by the publisher of the relevant social network. With your consent, these cookies allow you to easily share parts of the content published on the AUPIHO website, notably through an application ‘button’ for sharing on the relevant social network. Four types of social media sharing cookies are present on the AUPIHO site:

Facebook, you can review their cookie policy by clicking on the following link :

Instagram, you can review their cookie policy by clicking on the following link :

LinkedIn, you can find their cookie policy by clicking on the following link :

Twitter, you can find options dedicated to controlling or restricting the use of cookies as well as their cookie usage policy here :

AUPIHO is in no way responsible for the content or operation of any social networks, including those that may be linked to the Site.

  1. How to Configure Your Cookies?

While most browsers are set by default to accept the installation of cookies, you have the option, if you wish, to choose to accept all cookies, reject them systematically, or select the ones you accept based on their issuer.

Except for Cookies strictly necessary for the operation of the Site, the placement of a Cookie on your device is subject to your prior consent. You can adjust your Cookie choices at any time using our cookie settings tool.

Or directly through your browser, which offers you the possibility to modify these standard settings so that all cookies are systematically rejected, or that some cookies are accepted or refused depending on their issuer. To do this, you can directly click on the links available below according to your used browser:

Chrome :

Firefox :

InternetExplorer :

Opera :

Safari :

iOS :

You can regularly delete cookies from your device using your browser.
However, remember to configure all browsers on your various devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, etc.).

For more information regarding tools to control cookies, you can visit the CNIL website :

  1. What is the duration of your consent regarding Cookies?

The validity period of your consent for placing Cookies is 6 months from the date of your choice. Upon expiration of this period, we will ask you to renew your consent. If you haven’t made any choice, we may approach you again to inquire about your intentions. In any case, you have the option to withdraw your consent at any time using our cookie settings tool.

  1. What are the consequences if you refuse Cookies?

We want to draw your attention to the fact that refusing the placement of cookies on your device may alter your browsing experience on the Site and lead to the loss of certain functionalities. In such a case, AUPIHO disclaims any responsibility for navigation difficulties you may encounter as a result of your decision to refuse, delete, or block cookies necessary for the functioning of the site. These consequences cannot be considered as damage, and you cannot claim any compensation for this reason.

  1. Modifications

This privacy policy may be modified from time to time in order to ensure compliance with the law and to accommodate any changes in our data collection process. We recommend that our users check our policy periodically to ensure they are informed of any updates. If necessary, we may notify users by email about changes to this policy.

If you have any questions to ask us, please feel free to get in touch using the following contact details:

Phone : +(33)6 77 26 72 76
Email :

AUPIHO – 188 route d’Eyguières – 13200 – ARLES

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