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DREAMS Magazine
March 2023 Edition

“Young designer Pauline CANALI launched her brand Aupiho with the intention of creating responsible jewelry using recycled and RJC-certified gold. Her necklace features a heart engraved with T’M, like a declaration etched in the sand.”

Heart T’M Necklace

ELLE – Magazine 
PACA Region Edition – November 2022

“Obsession” Ring – Diamonds

ELLE – Magazine : “Belle !”
Edition – PACA Region – July 2022

Sésame Chain Earring

ELLE – magazine : “Green ou Vintage, le bon vestiaire”
Edition – PACA Region – April 2022

Sésame Necklace – Solid Key

Fred’ – magazine : “Plein Sud”
Edition Arles – 2022
Section : “Art de vivre.”

Elsa Necklace – Diamond

Sésame Necklace – Solid Key

Romy Ring

ToutMa – magazine : “Spécial Fêtes”
Edition – PACA region – 2021

Ysis Necklace – Diamond

Vivre MARSEILLE – magazine : “Un hiver marseillais”
Edition – January 2022

Obsession Earrings – Diamonds

La Provence
Edition – 2021

Romy Ring

Obsession Ring – Diamonds

TV Appearances

Pauline Canali, Founder of Aupiho Joaillerie, Invited to BFM TV Interview

Pauline CANALI, the founder of Aupiho Joaillerie based in Arles, was featured on the program ‘Planète Locale’ aired on BFM Marseille Provence. During the show, she introduced her brand and showcased some of her creations on set, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets crafted from recycled gold. Watch the full interview…

  Aupiho, (Arles) Jewelry Made from Recycled Gold

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